Two Years Like Yesterday: Miss You Omowunmi Ju Gold Lo


Mum: Dipo open your mouth
Me: Ah
Mum: you didn’t brush your teeth well
Dipo: But mum how can you tell?
Mum: my friend will you get into the bathroom and brush your teeth again

That was the most constant fight we had when I was younger mum. I knew you meant well but I saw it as stress or punishment. There was a time you bought me a timer just to make sure I spent enough time brushing and what did I do? I would put the timer on and let it run half way before I start brushing. You were a dental therapist and it took me a long time to understand why you stressed I spend more time brushing. Now I see a toothbrush and you come to mind. I didn’t believe you were going to leave so soon, it’s been two years now and I always drop a tear any time I hear your name or even just thinking about you. You were more than a mum; you were someone I always opened up to no matter what. You always knew what to say to make the pains go away.

I will never forget that superb spaghetti you make, that thing got boys salivating and wanting more. Nobody made it better. I remember when you used to get pissed at myself and Damz for always going to White House to eat because we were lazy to cook when we could have simply begged you to make food for us. You always had us covered when it came to food matters because you loved cooking and all you needed was to know what we would love to eat.

You knew how much I loved you without me uttering a word. You understood me perfectly and you are still the only person who ever did. I remember how I always fall ill whenever you travelled out of the country (strange but true). There was a time you travelled (2009) and I didn’t remember to give you my shirt and jeans size, you had it covered and when I asked how you pulled it off. You said you walked up to a white boy and asked him for his height and when he said 6’2, you bought clothes his size and boy did they fit perfectly.

You never made promises unless you were 150% sure you were going to keep them and you always surprised me when you did certain things for me. I remember our birthdays; you always gave us the naira equivalent of our age asides the other gifts you bought us. If you were 17 you would get 17naira. The trend continued when you were in the States $18 if you were 18. I laugh when I remember those days.
It’s been 2 years since you left us and it still feels like yesterday. I will never forget how you used to say “My Baby Boy’’ whenever you called me, and when you wanted to call my real name you would have mentioned all three of my elder brothers’ names. It was always funny because I knew it was me you were trying to call.

Your first three boys now have a daughter each which to me means you have come back in three folds and you will still come back some more. Not that you are replaceable but I get some comfort in remembering you through them. Tobi your 1st grandson misses you a whole lot. You always got his toys and story books right.

Like I always say, mum you were not just a mother to me but you were that rare friend I will find difficult to replace. My friends still miss your cooking and how you made sure they spent the night when it got too late to go home. Now they hardly spend the night because they know Dipo wouldn’t cook for them, lol.
Omowunmi Ju Gold Lo, Sun re o. Love you till I am old and grey, till my dying day. Times we spent together is what I will focus on as it is hard for me to say to goodbye.

Thank you guys for reading as always, I am always elated whenever you take time out to read my posts. Enjoy the holidays and remain BLESSED.
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  1. Omowunmi jugold lo dipopo mumsy n bestfrnd continue to rest in d Lords bossom…hmmn just lik yesterday

  2. Someone dey claim say dem bully am go white house…dem bull the food enter your bell?#shiior
    Btw, u still dey use the timer wash ya yeye teeth?
    Omowunmi, iya rere, mama gbogbo wa…sun re oooo!

  3. May her soul continue to rest.
    I was listening to tiwa savage..Olorun Mi…yest.
    And i wanted to DM that song to u.
    Omowunmi jugold is irreplacable

  4. Lovely piece, and it reminds me of my mum instantly. I can only imagine how much you miss her. If there are things I know about you, one sure one is your love for your mum and her spaghetti. God will continue to keep her memories for u.
    However, I have one tiny concern, will share with you in person. Take care bro


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