Durosoke Video: My take


A close friend of mine saw Olamide’s Durosoke video and after seeing the video he deliberately didn’t call or ping me to tell me the video was out. He knew if I loved something I will hype the hell out of it. Olamide is my best Naija artiste, scratch that after Jay Z Olamide is the only other artiste I listen to on a regular. My friend was waiting for me to scream the video was very good before he attacked me and luckily for me I didn’t take the bait. A visit to my twitter timeline and all hell was let loose as regards the quality of the Durosoke video. Just 1 person on my timeline had something good to say about the video.

I still didn’t want to believe the video was as bad as they said it was. I searched for the video and I stumbled on it via www.360nobs.com. I saw the video and truth be told the video wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t bad either. Yea I can hear the because you like Olamide story and all, but it’s the truth. I just think the only thing the video was lacking was that street vibe (because to me it was a song mean’t for the hoods).

Now my conclusion on this matter is I will give it a 6/10 rating and solely blame Mr. C. Peters who directed the video for not putting out something most Olamide fans were expecting to see. Remember folks Durosoke is still the best Naija song made this year.
If you ride a night bus listening to Durosoke, you sure ain’t going to be singing it just once.

Thanks for your time……………………………………………………………… STAY BLESSED!!!
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