Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Bolaji Ogunmola: What’s the Big Deal?

So for like 12 days in a row, I have been posting a particular beautiful dark-skinned lady on my WhatsApp status which raised questions every damn day. However, the...

An Advantage of Junk Food

I was racking my head on the job yesterday when I decided to pick up my phone to call Stan the only person I can dump my frustrations on...

2022: A few FIRSTS!!!

First New Year Message Received: From one fine babe like that, Jadesola. 12 midnight sharp First New Year Message Sent: To Jadesola, 12:02am First New Year call received: Labimbi First New Year...

Day 365 of 365: What a YEAR!!!

This is my last post of this year 2021 and I  probably might not be posting anytime soon. Yes, I won't be posting an article a day come 2022....

Day 364 of 365: Top 21 Sporting Moments of 2021

Before I jump into the crux of the matter, I have to say this, you guys that eat Tilapia deserve an award. The bones in that thing na die. In...

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My Bayelsa Story: NYSC Wahala Part 2

Woke up at about 6.15am the next morning to get ready for my Bayelsa trip. My friend and I left his quarters like 7am...


We had this discussion about closing business deals today. It wasn't a long convo maybe because we just painted two scenarios. Some of us...

Day 60 of 365: Get your MARCH ON!!!

It's a new month, I am not here to motivate anyone, just be happy this month and you will see that if you don't...

Day 49 of 365: My Cinema Regrets

I am not a big movie buff and I will rather watch movies based on the characters, even if it's just one of the...

A friend and a brother bites the dust: R.I.P SOJ

With a heavy heart I write this in memory of a friend I will miss sorely. My first encounter with you was on the field...

Day 350 of 365: Mum’s Spaghetti

Every human that knows me well know that eba and okro is my favourite meal. Well if you dont know me that well now...