A year ago: Thanks Guys


I can’t believe it’s already a year since my first post on this blog. I have constantly told people I am not a writer but I get a few thumbs up here and there though. My first attempt at writing was when I was in Secondary School. In my J.S.S 3 I put up a sports quiz in the famous, yes famous Forest Trumpet (our school magazine) and when I was in Senior Secondary One I wrote two articles. One on Michael Owen and the other on Victor Ikpeba. I was never interested in writing but I had to cease the opportunity to let people know what my passion was. A close friend of mine whom we called Daffy was my motivation then.

Moving on swiftly, I thought about writing again while I was doing my Masters and I met my mentor, a writer extraordinaire and someone who gave me the first real opportunity to express myself without having the fear of being rejected. Ms Jazzified as she is known is an all round great person. I couldn’t count the amount of times I frustrated her with my poor writing and she would painstakingly edit them and make them look good. She was my guardian angel and introduced me to tooxclusive.com where my ‘’Diary of a Man Utd fan’’ series was always posted in 2011.

Diary of a Man Utd fan stopped and that has been entirely my fault. I got lazy and my dissertation was taking most of my time. On this day last year (4th August, 2012) I decided to start a blog of my own and the 1st post I put up was a tribute to the most important woman in my life (my late mum). It was well accepted and read but I think I struck people’s nerves with my majorly football posts, lol. I want to apologise if my football stories bored you guys but it’s what I know best so it’s what I could/can put up mostly. I would also like to apologise for my inconsistency. A total 70 posts (with this one inclusive) over the last 12 months doesn’t seem bad though. That is an average of 1.3 posts per week, no bragging but for someone who isn’t a natural writer I think it is good enough.

Everything I have put up on my blog has been personal inventories except one I reblogged (F.I.F.A written by my bro Oshman 1881). My articles have been true life stories or just the way I see things from my own perspective. My most read post has been the tribute to my brother and friend (A friend and a brother bites the dust: R.I.P SOJ http://theswizzmemoirs.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/a-friend-and-a-brother-bites-the-dust-r-i-p-soj/ ) and the one with most comments was the tribute to my mum (Omowunmi Ju Gold Lo……………….. Truly worth more than GOLD http://theswizzmemoirs.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/omowunmi-ju-gold-lo-truly-worth-more-than-gold/ ).

I would love to thank all of you that have been reading, commenting, sharing and even harassing me to write often. You guys have been awesome, GOD bless you all.
Shout out to these hell of great writers; Tunde Leye (TLS), Sally, Tomi Adesina and Tomilola Coco who have always got my eyes glued to their blogs.

Thanks all as always and have a fabulous week……………………………. BLESS!!!
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  1. Hw time flys , for someone who is not a real writer and doing dis great , I say thumbs up bro congrats . Sorry am just reading dis post .


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