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My Saturday started with a trip to Unilag. I went with my cousin and family friend to play footie on the new AstroTurf they had there. It was a good work out for me and even though I was in goal I enjoyed every bit of it asides the bruises on both knees. The turn out was fantastic and the organization was very good with little arguments and commercial breaks. After 2 and a half hours of footie we went home. On getting home my cousin and I decided to chill opposite the house for fresh air before going in.

We gisted for a bit and as we were about going in, the ewa agoyin and bread babes walked towards us and my cousin was like that wouldn’t be bad for breakfast. We stopped them and my cousin went in to get sweet bowls for the ewa. It turned out that the other peeps in the house were interested. After breakfast was sorted, I had a shower before I settled to devour my meal. After the meal, I picked up my Microsoft Surface and continued from where I stopped with Shameless (a series) and in between I dozed off. My body ached so I was rooted to the room all day till evening and instead of watching footie the boys decided to play FIFA 14 (fantastic game). Oh by the way Chelsea fans the next time I hear you call my beloved Man Utd PDP you will feel the wrath of a menace. I left for my room and picked up my fone to respond to pings and tweet a little. I also harangued my latest friend into answering some questions before I fell asleep.

I woke up Sunday morning to prepare for church. I had my bath after shaving, got dressed (before nko) and headed for church, which was just 5 minutes away. On getting to church, we were told the order of the day was evangelism. I took off and headed home (GOD forgive me). Got home and picked up my system to do some work and after a while I played with with my niece before taking a short nap. I woke up to watch Totenham Hotspurs against Newcastle United and boy was I glad Newcastle won.

After the Newcastle game I braced myself for my darling Red Devils game against Assnal whilst watching Sunderland take on Man Shitty and gisting with one of the best individuals I have ever known, the great Eleba. Sunderland won by the odd goal and then came the game of the day. Man Utd were facing an Arsenal side that had not lost away in 15 games. If you follow football well you will know Old Trafford is the wrongest place to brag about records. Manchester United was obviously ready for this challenge and ex Assnal legend Robin Van Persie gave United the lead. In case you missed this Man Utd has NEVER I repeat NEVER lost a game at home in the last 220 with a half time lead. United won the game and cut Assnal’s lead over them to 5 points. The United revival continues. Arsenal remain top, Liverpool 2nd, Chelsea 3rd, Southampton 4th and Man Utd 5th. Watch out haters, we are coming for our slot (number 1).

Did I mention I have an on going wager with a lady friend? She said United wont be amongst the top 4 till the new year while I said the Red Devils would be in the top 4 by end of November. So I am not to cut my hair till we are in the top 4. I know I am going to have my hair cut by the end of November. What’s in it for me if Man Utd gets into the top 4 by then? I am not sharing o. Sorry about that but it’s a little secret between the two of us.
My weekend in one word? BLISSFUL. I went to play footie which I hadn’t done in over a year, had family around me and the best 5 teams in the world (Man Utd, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Juventus and Real Madrid) all won their respective games. Thankful to the Almighty GOD.

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