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Hi guys, I trust you are doing well. Past week has been crazy tough but I thank GOD for life. I hope you guys have been voting for me or else I will just quit writing, lmao. Sure you know I am joking. Just in case you haven’t voted, you can vote for me (Dipo Writes) in the Personal Blog category of the Nigerian blog awards via I thank you guys for the support so far.

Back to the topic of discussion before I turn the post to some sort of National campaign. We were having a discussion about the ASUU strike on the day the nominees for the Nigerian blog awards were announced. I got a tweet from the Nigerian blog awards admin, immediately I saw the tweet I didn’t know I was audible when I said “it’s a lie I made the final cut of the nominations”. The lady seated next to me immediately asked what cut and I smiled saying I was nominated in the personal blog category of the Nigerian blog awards.
At that time everyone around had heard and asked for the link to my blog. That was when the trouble started o, Hahahahaha. Immediately I said one of the guys said baba that one is too long nah and how the hell was he to remember. Someone said it was too difficult to pronounce and another person was like why didn’t I just use something short and easy to remember. I totally agree they all had reasonable points to be honest but it was the first time I was in that kind of scenario since I started the blog.

The blog started like a joke for me last year. I was about to sleep on a Saturday night in August when I saw a friend of mine’s personal message on bbm read her blog link. I was like so Yetts blogs? I clicked on the link and I found out she downloaded wordpress for blackberry. I was like I could download and blog from anywhere with my phone. In the process of downloading I was eager to get started and when I was to pick a link for the blog, the only thing that came to mind was to use a nickname since I just wanted to have fun blogging. I thought hard about what nickname to use and I picked Swizz. Swizz was a name given to me by my friends from high school oops sorry Secondary School. I was called Swizz because of my love for the American born music producer Kaseem Dean aka Swizz Beatz at that time. The name also fit at that time because I was just as skinny as Kaseem was. I didn’t know the name will stick and even my brothers call me Swizz and whenever I am fortunate to get a Man United jersey from them it’s always branded Swizz.

I couldn’t have used because it didn’t seem to send out any message so I settled for to send across a message that the blog is strictly based on the owner’s personal inventory or experiences. The link sure seems long but it’s the only thing that best describes what I want to achieve in terms of posting personal issues and my thoughts on things that interest me and a good example is my football posts which is strictly post game thoughts.

Now I put it to you guys, should I change the link (I have not even found out if that’s possible though) or should I still leave it as Suggestions would be gladly received and painstakingly reviewed.

Thanks again for your time. Do have a fabulous week ahead filled with the Almighty’s blessings. Please remember to vote o. The link again is and I am nominated in the personal blog category. Stay BLESSED people, much love.

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  1. Bro no answer dem jare , na wen dem nominate u , na dat time dem con dey suggest make u change name . Shior dem don lose . Its simple and in one word .

  2. They do have valid points… the same thing ran through my mind when I first saw the name of your blog then I thought “it is his blog,he has a right to give it whatever name he wants,we(your readers) would get used to it if we love the content” and now I have.

  3. Boss, I think you should change it,keep it official and make it ur mane. Like u said you were fooling around when u were bout to start, but now its no more childs play and remember this is something that represents who you are and want to be.
    Let it be a household name that everyone will relate with, and can easily be traced back to you, remember all na publicity.

    • Laski my man, well said but you have to realise the gists in the blog aint official. Remember we shouldnt take life too seriously, as we wont come out alive. But thanks again and I am still giving it a thought. Bless

  4. The name coined out from your passion for rap fit the bill. It was your instinct that suggested it for,it hardly disappoint. This name is a link to another passion of your’s “writing”. I feel is cool and short.


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