Hey guys, been a while. I apologize for dulling you guys. Football has been the gist making the headlines these past weeks. Congrats to the Golden Eaglets, the lads played beautiful football in the UAE and to win the U-17 World Cup for the 4th time was a BLISS. This makes Nigeria the most successful nation in this age grade competition.
Before I move to the story of the day, let me say a big thank you to you guys for voting for me during the nomination stage of the Nigerian Blog Awards. I was up in the Sports blog category and Personal blog category and even though I made the final cut for just the

Personal blog category, it’s been because of you guys and I am very grateful.
Today’s post doesn’t make me a born again, I am just trying to explain the reason why I always write GOD as GOD and not God. If you noticed in my posts past whenever I write GOD I ensure all three letters are written in CAPS. I have been doing this since my J.S.S 1 days and it always got my marks reduced in subjects I did especially Christian Religious Knowledge (C.R.K). I don’t see why I would want to write Dipo and Write GOD in the same way. It doesn’t show there’s a fear for the LORD and then we still find some people spelling GOD in small letters (god). Whenever the teacher marked my exam scripts or test scripts she always circled my GOD spelling. She called me one time and asked why I always spelt GOD in that vain and I plainly told her that GOD isn’t human and can’t be compared to us. She asked me to refrain from writing GOD as GOD and asked that I write it the way she termed the proper way (God). I told her I have heard but I didn’t stop and I haven’t stopped and I doubt if I will ever stop writing GOD as GOD.

It’s something that has become a part of me and I always correct people about how they spell the Almighty’s name. I am not saying the way I spell it is right but the utmost disrespect is spelling GOD as god like he is an idol or something. May GOD help us all and like I say it’s only GOD who knows who truly worships him.
Yea it might sound silly but that’s just me. As I have said earlier I am no born again but I worship GOD when I can (GOD forgive me) and I have the fear of GOD in me.
So guys what’s your take on this story? This is the first time I am actually airing out my view on this particular subject. It might be a silly post but I would love to hear your opinions and criticisms.

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Thanks y’all and stay BLESSED !!!
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  1. Yeah bro , I get d angle where ur. Coming from , God is just d art of english language , but putting GOD is an art of respect and showing the supernatural being in him. Even though we r sinners , dere shld always be an art of respect for dat great supernatural being . Nice pices bro .


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