Day 31 of 365: My Beef with Cricket


My big bro likes Cricket, is there a sport he doesn’t even follow. I don’t like it to be honest but it would be strange for you to find out I follow Baseball. Funny right? They are both kind of similar, but I will share the reason why I dont like Cricket with you.

My bro was the first person to make me dislike the sport, so there was this football match I was going to watch, now I can’t remember the teams playing on that day . This was in 2006 I think. About 10 minutes before the game started big bro rushes in and switches the channel to the  cricket channel, I mean who does that? A Nigerian picking a Cricket game over a Football match. Never seen, never heard. I wasn’t even pissed the channel was changed.

Even if it was Enyimba versus Kano Pillars, it is wrong for a Nigerian to watch or pick cricket over football. No disrespect to the Nigerian league though. Anyway that one went.

The one that broke the camel’s back happened during my Masters in Aberdeen. The class was shared into groups for a coursework. We were 7 in my group, 2 of us were Nigerians, 1 Pakistani, 2 Indians, 1 English and 1 French person. We were sharing ideas, all of a sudden one of the Indians disappeared, only for us to see him at a corner with his headphones over his head staring into a computer screen. He was watching the Cricket World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka.

I just gave up. We left him and continued with what we were doing, we eventually left him in the hall for our various homes. He came to class the next day apologising saying that you know Cricket is big in India and it was his country that was playing in the final. We forgave him, lol.

I think India won the Cricket World Cup then, well I don’t even care. I like a few Cricketers because of their names though; Ricky Ponting,  Sachin Tendulkar, Shane Warne and Alistair Cook. Lol

I still won’t sit to watch a Cricket game, well only if I am paid to analyse it.

I hope I can keep up with posting daily, busy months ahead.

Have a wonderful new month ahead guys, stayed blessed and stay safe. GOD Bless.

Tomorrow by the ALMIGHTY’s grace. CHEERS!!!


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