Day 346 of 365: Max deserved it


First things first, when it comes to Formula 1 I am Team Lewis Hamilton, I have been a fan since 2008. I just believed he would be the one to equal and even eclipse Michael Schumacher’s record of 7 world titles even when the world tipped Sebastian Vettel. No disrespect to the German who has 4 world titles (2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013) to his name.

Sir Lewis was looking to add to the 7 titles (2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020) under his belt but Max Verstappen was having none of it. Last season it was obvious who Lewis Hamilton’s main challenger would be, come the 2021 season. The final race of the season happened today in Abu Dhabi with both Lewis and Max having 17 podium wins. Whoever finished higher than the other would be crowned this season’s champion.

Max won the day by whiskers as Lewis Hamilton had to go all 58 laps without a pit stop (change of tyres). Lewis’ now to be former teammate Valterri Bottas should also take the blame for Lewis not winning as he didn’t turn up for the Mercedes team. He should at least have been a distraction to the chasing Max. Anyway, Verstappen deserved to be crowned champion. He tried abeg.

Congrats to Max on his first-ever Formula 1 title.



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