Day 196 of 365:  Tolu asked, How really are you?

How are you doing written on blackboard

Tolu talked about this subject a couple of days ago. Someone asked if she was good and her response was she was alright. This has been her response for a few days. Even when it was not true she still said she was alright. E get why.

The default response to how are you is I am fine or I am ok. It is hard to convince people you are not ok even when you are truly not. I have learnt this and I have known peace.

I have not been okay for the past 28 hours but hey I am okay is what people want to hear and not want to hear. The good thing is when I am with people I tend to forget whatever is wrong.

Oh by the way I had a good night today. A top tier gentleman was 70 today. He and his family are my first friends (if there is anything like that). Easily the calmest person in this country. Happy Birthday Mr Lewis, many more calm and blissful years ahead sir.



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