Day 197 of 365: Jake was actually FUNNY

Source: The List

2 and a Half Men is a top tier sitcom and one of my favourite series of all time, and this is because it had one of my favourite actors; Charlie Sheen on it. He was a part of the show for 8 seasons and arguably the highest-paid TV star at the time it aired earning about $2m per episode. His character was killed off due to issues with the creators of the show, I think.

I have seen all 8 seasons 4 times and I am currently watching it all over again. I am in the 4th season and it took me the 5th time of watching this series to realize that Jake, Charlie’s nephew (his name was also Charlie in the series) was actually funny. I always focused on his dad Alan, his Uncle Charlie, Bertha the House Keeper who is hilariously funny too and the most dreaded woman on the show Evelyn, Charlie’s mum.

Real name Angus Jones, Jake was also in the following movies; Spot the Run, The Rookie, Bringing Down the House and George of the Jungle 2. I had stereotyped Jake all along but now I have realized there was no 2 and Half Men without him.



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