Day 195 of 365: Crazy Myth


So one day I was home alone for a few hours, I think I was about 6 or 7 years old at the time. I got up to something naughty. I gathered pieces of paper and lit them up in a bin behind the house. Unfortunately and fortunately for me, a neighbour came to the back to pick her clothes on the line where she dried them and saw the mess I was up to.

She quickly doused the fire and screamed at me saying what did I think I was doing. She told me she was going to report me to my mum when she got back. I was damn scared but I all of a sudden remembered my guy Shola Mama (Mama because he lived with his grandmother and we had another Shola friend who stayed around too).

Shola Mama said whenever he messed up and believed his grandma could beat him or scream at him if she found out he usually plucked 3 of his eyelashes, threw them in the bin for a couple of days and she would forget about what he did. I did the same, days passed and the neighbour never got to report me to my mum about the fire incident. It worked, at least so I thought.

Then one day after our Friday test which held fortnightly when I was in Primary 6. We had the test and it was marked immediately. If you scored below 65/100 you get flogged. I scored 61 I think and while we that were in the same category were bracing ourselves for the cane, the teacher said he would push it till Monday.

We were happy and I was like it is eyelash plucking time. I plucked them, Monday came and the teacher didn’t come to school. It worked again I thought only for the teacher to come with a vengeance on Tuesday. He beat us as like we stole. Shola Mama scammed me, lol.

It was later that day I found out the teacher had a tooth taken out and he was really in pains that Monday hence his not coming to school. He took it out on us.



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