Day 177 of 365: Children are surely one of my WEAKNESSES!!!


My brother was a year older on Tuesday, so I stopped by at his. I could because his home wasn’t far from my office. We had drinks and finger foods and in the process of having fun, my niece was like Uncle Dipo you are sleeping over. I didn’t take her serious and thought I would escape by the time it was her bedtime.

Omo Fifi didn’t go to bed, and this was at half 9 pm. At 9.45 pm I decided to go home after I saw that she was out of sight only for her to rush to the door and say I wasn’t going anywhere.

I begged her and she was having none of it. She said I have to sleep over, I said I didn’t have anything to wear to work the next day and she said her dad would give me his clothes to wear. I am like he’s taller than me. I was able to beg her that I would sleep over on Friday and she agreed. She buzzed me every day till Friday night.

I disappointed her, I told her I couldn’t make it and that I would come over next Friday. I felt the disappointment in her voice and before I got home I shed a tear or two because I had let her down.

Every time I remember her and yes I always think about my nieces and nephews every day and 3 times on Sunday even though I don’t get to see them as much, I feel bad. The thing is I hate to see kids cry or unhappy.

I am sorry Fifi but I promise to make it up to you soon. LOVE YOU.




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