Day 176 of 365: I was PROFILED!!!


After University, I knew it was going to take about a year before I would go for NYSC, so I decided to pick up a course similar to what I studied. I graduated with a BSc. in Transport Planning and Management, yes I loved my course though not at the beginning but I got round to enjoying it.

I decided, sorry my brother, Big Doz suggested I did a program in Logistics. Me that hate book, I was like which kain wahala be this. Anyway, I eventually agreed. I settled for a Certification in International Trade Logistics. I told my mum about it and she offered to pay.

Mum wrote a cheque and I went to the Bank to cash it so I could pay the fees. I got to the bank and the teller looked at me in one sort of way but I didn’t read meaning to it. She went to call the Branch Manager and the dude came and asked that I reached out to whom gave me the cheque. I asked what the problem was and he said nothing and that I should just reach out to the issuer.

I called mum and fortunately for me she was around the corner, the Bank was not also far from home. In 5 minutes mum was there and asked what happened. The man asked if she issued the cheque and she was like, who’s name was on the cheque as the issuer, he read out her name and she asked who’s name was the cheque issued in and he mentioned my name. She proceeded to ask if I tendered an ID and he said yes. She was like what is the problem then or is it that there was no money in her account and man was like she had sufficient funds and he only wanted to be sure she issued the cheque to me.

Mum probed further saying there has to be more to what the situation on ground was and the man confessed that the way I dressed was the issue and he was suspecting that she didn’t give me the cheque and maybe I pilfered it. I think I got my calmness from my mum sha, she didn’t make a fuss and she asked us to leave. The guy ran after us begging. Mum said it was fine and that I didn’t need the funds again.

Guess what I wore, a Tee Shirt with Three Quarter shorts. That was the problem.




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