Day 178 of 365: Man like King David

Source: Joseph Mattera

I will keep this pretty short.

Now after JESUS Christ, David must have been next of GOD’s favourites that’s if GOD had favourites. I wasn’t told, I am just saying how I feel. You can throw Joseph (Jacob’s son) into the equation if you want to. Isn’t it enough for GOD to have looked past David’s brothers to anoint him, King? They were also qualified but he chose David.

Was David a perfect man? Hell No. He messed up and sinned too, but have you read the book of Psalms from the first chapter to the last? Please if you haven’t, take time to do so.

From the book of Psalms authored by King David, you will see how King David did not find it too difficult to disarm GOD. The 150 Psalms are so captivating that GOD found it easy to forgive David. The man was the apple of GOD’s eye.

I am not a religious person but I have the fear of GOD. I think there is a difference. So if GOD can be so forgiving who you be?



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