Day 157 of 365: No Covid-19 in Iyana-Oworo?


So yesterday I went to see one of my close friends, one of the few people that made Uni memorable for me. He lives around the Iyana-Oworo axis and he needed us to see to discuss some private stuff. I also needed to be around his area to get some stuff for myself.

I met with my guy at a spot he called The Tarmac. We went to get breakfast and we returned to the spot and as we were about to sit down to eat a lady harassed me. She said why am I wearing a facemask that there is no Covid-19 in Iyana-Oworo. And before I could respond the man seated next to her corroborated with her stance. I was like really? They responded in the affirmative in unison.

I was like safety is key and walked away. When my friend enquired on what the conversation was about I told him and he was like na so dem harass me too o and that’s why he always dropped his mask below his chin whenever he was on that street.

Some people still think this Covid-19 is non-existent. GOD help us all.



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