Day 158 of 365: Yesterday


There is nothing I love more than being home all through on Sundays and if I have to have to go out I would love to be home by 8 pm at the latest. So yesterday I went to cut my hair and as I was entering the Barbershop one of my guys from the Naija Pundit group buzzed saying he was on the Mainland and he would love us to meet up.

I honestly didn’t want to go but I got interested when I saw that some of the other Pundits will be part of the lineup. It was happening in an area of one of ours. Okota was the location, sigh. I eventually set out at 6.30 pm hoping to get there by 7 pm and head home by 9.30 pm. I didn’t get there till past 8 pm after Google Maps led me astray. I mean how did I get to Lawanson from Oshodi? We MOVE!!!

Well, it was fun hanging out with Fletcher, Qunle (host) and Slimee. The spot we were was cool, the asun was on point and the drink was just what I needed to wrap up the weekend. We parted ways at a few minutes past 10 pm. It wasn’t till I got home I found out how amazing the fish I took away was. Dipo stop eating late at night. I am surely going back to Okota soon.

Naija Pundits we need a proper hangout soonest. It was a great weekend in all which started with my guy Stan aka Epo.



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