Dipo's Rant on Wayne Rooney, David Moyes and Manchester United’s Transfer Issues


Hi guys, been a while. I am so sorry for the long break (I know I say that a lot). Please forgive me. This post is football oriented, scratch that Manchester United oriented. Why is it about United? They are my primary assignment in the football world that’s why.
In 2010, a certain Wayne Rooney of Manchester United handed in a transfer request questioning the club’s ambition in terms of recruiting players for the squad. It was well said at the time I must say and for people that know me as a Manchester United fan; you will also know Wayne Rooney has been my best United player since Ruud Van Nistelrooy left (if you didn’t know now you do, lol). The last few Man Utd jerseys I got for myself or as a gift from a family always had Rooney’s number 10 printed on it. That will stop even if he stays. I think Wayne is just being selfish in this case of wanting to leave the club. Come on Wazza you questioned the strength in depth of the team and Mr. Fergie brought in Van Persie two years later. You became a bit part player in the process, so you see Messr Rooney, always be careful what you wish for. Yes David Moyes might have said it is when Robin Van Persie is injured Rooney can be the number one striker. Should Moyes have said that? I don’t know, but he is the manager so he can say so. Should Rooney be sold? Hell yea if the price is right.
Talking about Moyes, I am not patient as a fan o, all these his transfer targets that he is letting slip off his radar is a source of worry to me. My opinion on this transfer targets that are refusing to come to Manchester United is they would rather have trusted their careers with a Ferguson than a Moyes. Yes you will say Ferguson is on the board and he can influence things but really is he the one that would do the coaching, sit in the dug- out or make the substitutions? Messr Moyes should go for realistic targets abeg. Like I, said just my thought. A Maroune Fellaini he (Moyes) coached at Everton can do what Cesc Fabregas will do and even more, no disrespect to Fabregas. Fellaini has even shown his desire to team up with his former manager. There is need to get defensive cover for the team, a tough tackling defensive midfielder and maybe one more striker to provide competition for Van Persie, Welbeck and Chicharito because I know Rooney is leaving. Mr. Moyes please when selling Wayne use your head and sell him to a club outside England, even if it is Bursaspor or Galatasaray.
I sincerely hope this Jesse Lingard guy and Adnan Januzaj are no flash in a pan most especially Lingard who has scored 3 goals in 3 games in pre season matches. Both lads have played well in all three pre season friendly matches.
Mr. Moyes other teams are spending money o, Man Utd cannot be pretending to be able to afford players and not buy. Leave Fabregas and chase Fellaini, get Baines as cover for Evra, you could add a Modric to the list, rumour has it Bayern wants to discard Gustavo. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if Mr. Moyes made enquiries.
That’s me ranting anyway, whatever Moyes wants to do, he would do. He obviously can’t hear me and surely wouldn’t be reading this.
Thanks for your time as always…………………………………………………………. BLESS!!!
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  1. Lyk seriously m tired of all dis Wayne palaver. If he wants tu leave, let him pls. I tink he’s done his bit 4 Man U(will stil respect him anywayz). As for d transfers, I tink Moyes shld open his eyes down abeg. If fabregas kno go com(wch I doubt he wuld anyways), abeg beta players stil plenty 4 world naw. Nice write up.Dnt miss it even though u dnt always comment weneva I reply.

  2. Arsenal ke, pls he is not wanted. Dipo I agree with u on dis, its time rooney says goodbye to man u. Well, let’s see how moyes choices will work out


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