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Summarize your experience with Online Learning and its impact for the working adult in a blog post with no more than 1500 words, briefly sharing how the different Lessons you have undertaken during the program at BAU Online has helped you shape your career as a budding digital journalist or media professional.

Writing has always been a something I had passion for but I never had that enabling environment to give it a chance professionally. I do some amateur writing which is in form of taking personal inventory on how I see things. I own a blog ( and I have tried to be consistent in putting posts up but I realize there’s something missing and that was the professional touch from a good citadel of learning. The zeal was there all that was missing was the time to start a program that would enhance and sharpen the already existing raw talent in me. I had heard of some courses I could take online but I didn’t seem to be interested because I thought of the difficulty of doing an internet based program. I was wrong about that assertion.

A couple of months back a friend sent me the link to BAU online platform but I didn’t even open it until I got a mail from Deal Dey talking about a deal in the course Digital Journalism, I didn’t have anything to lose so I clicked on the link and it eventually took me to BAU online portal after making payment online. I immediately started going through the lessons on offer and I realized that I had waited too long to discover BAU online. I saw journalism in a different light and seamless way the lessons were delivered endeared me more to the program. The only stumbling block I had was merging reading for the course with work but I later found out how flexible the course can be. The Digital Journalism course and the other programs on the BAU Online platform is suitable for anybody who can read and write and you don’t have to be rooted to a particular place to be able to run the courses. It can be run anywhere as long as there is internet access and it is mobile friendly which simply means you can use a device as small as your mobile phone.

The program has helped me develop a strategy to help me as a working adult to be able to blog conveniently without even breaking a sweat. I can work all day while I can use a moment or two (break time) to think about a story to blog about and just wait till I get to the comfort of my bed to write and post which inadvertently has also helped me manage my time. I have also learnt how to attach files on to my blog after reading Journalism 2.0. Reading the Journalism 2.0 also exposed on how to report news or stories to a particular demography in terms of headlines and body contents. I also picked up the importance of timeliness in terms of disseminating information and also being precise and direct when writing without beating about the bush ensuring the efficacy of strong verbs in the process.

In terms of Personal Branding I have learnt how to set myself apart from the crowd which will go a long way in helping me become a force to reckon with. I have found the Crowdsourcing part of the program an ideal means of carrying out whatever Writing/Journalism assignment I have or may have to undertake. I use Crowdsourcing as a means of getting ideas for writing, for example I majorly get inspiration from a hang out with my friends.

The use of Social Media is a key element of Journalism these days and it has to be used positively because it’s speaks volumes about who the Writer or Journalist is. It’s a big advantage to be on a large number of Social Media sites as this will help spread one’s reach and also be able to tap into the advantage of Crowdsourcing. Social Media is a key Public Relations medium because it also brings about knowledge sharing between Journalists/Writers and the public. Since the start of this program I been open what the possibilities the Social Media platform can bring. Information or knowledge can be shared to millions of people via Facebook, Twitter and for me the most interesting is the Google+ Hangout forum where up to 10 people can share information via video chat. Another Social Media tool that fascinates me is the use of Podcast. I have always wanted to know what it entailed in making use the Podcast tool but reading the Journalism 2.0 has made it clear. I can basically run commentary on my favourite sports and in the nearest future record interviews with my favourite celebrities.

I have learnt to upload quality pictures using suitable resolutions and if there’s need to compress pictures to suit a particular post or article I can handle it effortlessly. I also learnt to crop multiple images to fit a particular post for the web or blog. All the acronyms which seemed like rocket science to me when I first started blogging have been duly explained in the course of running this program. Knowing the meaning of HTML, FTP, ASCII, HTTP etc can solely be attributed to embarking on this journey of Digital Journalism. Clearing browser’s cache was also a bit of task for me but reading Journalism 2.0 helped sort that issue out.

Taking this course via the BAU Online Portal has also opened my eyes to the way I will convey messages to my peers, superiors and even to little kids. Simply put; Effective Communication. It has helped me prepare for challenges in the new age Digital Journalism and also the learning resources provided have been some sort of a guide in putting inexperienced and to an extent experienced people in this field on the right pedestal to success.

The lessons undertaken during this program has helped me sharpen my writing (though I am still learning) and I can see the vast improvement in my writing thanks to comments and positive criticism from my friends, colleagues and even my bosses. I realized like it was stated during the program that ‘consistency in writing is one of the best ways to be good at writing’. I am working really hard in this regard so I can be relevant in this field. There also enough references from the BAU lessons that will surely help in improving my strengths and work on my weaknesses. I have learnt how I can make my brand acceptable, seen/heard in terms of spread and also carve a niche for myself in the process. I have intentions of publishing a book and possibly gain work experience from a media outfit that can help sharpen my skills.

My take away from the Digital Journalism Program at BAU Online are:

  • It covers a lot you need to know about Journalism from traditional methods to the latest trends in Digital Journalism
  • It has made me more aware of the use of Digital Journalism
  • The Essentials of creating a good and lasting brand
  • The BAU Online Digital Journalism course has also helped changed the way I perceive information and in the process broken down what new age journalism entails
  • I realized that Crowd sourcing is a strong point for me as ideas I get off my peers form a basis of some of my posts
  • I have been able get that confidence in applying for jobs such as Content Writing, Social Media Manager and the likes
  • Ensuring I understood that the first brand to be created is the ME brand (you are what you put out there)
  • The most important take away from the BAU Online program is the means of Effective Communications

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  1. Lovely write up. Loads of useful information; obviously a thing or two to take you to the next level has been obtained. I for one have been looking for such a programme. Sometimes,you just know you have the drive and passion BUT without proper training, it will just be crude. Hopefully I can jump on this BAU Online train soon.
    Once again, Nice job bro.

  2. It’s great to know there are still people out there with passion for writing.
    Hopefully, I will join very soon.
    Nice one Ogun.

  3. Nice article , more like a paradigm shift for me lol, I finally get to read something different which doesn’t relate to football from u. U should break d habit more often. Cos this is actually nice. D writeup is pretty insightful. You should break the norm often and write stuffs apart from football on your blog. U pretty good at dis

    • Thank you very much for reading. Will take to your advise and write less about football (my passion tho). Bless

  4. Thanks for enlightening us about BAU, although you didn’t tell us what BAU stands for, would love to do a course with them.
    However you need to check out your missing commas and full stops etc.
    all in all a good piece.

  5. Bravo. Every time I see read your blog it still surprise me and am like is this actually Dipo doing this. Lovely and u keep improving bro. Nice one bro would have love to sign up with this BAU but am not a good writer just a good reader and I want to maintain that. Lovely piece keep it up bro and don’t stop writing about football o. Still waiting on the Depay article

  6. This is instructive,I really like! I hope we get to read from you more now that you have d requisite training. Keep it up pro.

  7. All the best with this new Adventure bro….Ya limit is above the sky bro….just believe and keep up the hard and good work…cheers

  8. Lovely bro… A gud platform for networking nd enlightening of the brains…. Lol… Hpe ud b my entertainment music journalist… Bless n big ups

  9. I can perfectly relate to your quote: “Consistency in writing is one of the best ways to be good at writing”
    Until recently when I decided to make it more of a lifestyle, I’d always thought writing as an arduous task, needing so much space, time, the right mood and comfort zone to carry out.
    It’s a good thing reading a feed back as positive as this from you on the BAU program. I’ll recommend it to a couple of friends.
    And with respect to the contents on, I can only look forward to bettet days ahead 🙂

  10. Wow! Really honest and nice to see how well one can horn their writing skills. Plus consistency is key. Most times you just have to keep going and eventually it will all work out.
    Good job Dipo and all the best!


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