PacMan Versus MoneyMan


This is going to be the biggest fight in boxing history and the biggest payday for any sports man (correct me if I am wrong). The fight between Manny ‘PacMan’ Pacquaio and Floyd ‘MoneyMan’ Mayweather is something that the whole world had been hoping would happen and now we are just a couple of days away to the biggest event on the face of the earth this year, second to the Presidential Elections held in Nigeria (yes I love my country).
I think it was good the fight didn’t happen 5 years ago because it wouldn’t have been appreciated then as it is now and the fighters wouldn’t have earned as much as they are expected to earn now. 5 years ago they would have earned about $18m each but now their earnings would exceed $100m, wow you said? I know right. Another thing is those that know nothing about boxing are also interested in this fight holding on the 2nd of May, 2015 (3a.m Nigerian time on the 3rd of May, 2015).
The day this fight was announced my friend Mr. Chips buzzed me and said Dipo I would love to watch this fight with you and the reason being that he knew I liked both fighters. He has seen me watch Aston Vs Newcastle and he understands that situation will determine whom I would support but in the case of this fight he wanted to just see my face as it goes down. Body Language is the only way you can get one’s perception in this kind of situation.
When Mr. Chips told me he wanted to watch the fight with me I told him no problem but I would be busy all day and tracking me would be hard. I have 3 colleagues getting married on the 2nd of May (yea I know in Nigeria the fight is about 3a.m on Saturday like I stated earlier) but you know how these owambes could end up. I told him I will keep him posted though.
His call got me thinking. Dipo what’s your take on this fight? It hit me after the call that I wasn’t even sure who’s side I would be rooting for on the day. A tough call for me but at the end of this post you should have an idea who I would want to win.
Mayweather for me is like a Muhammad Ali, he can go all through the 12 rounds and not break a sweat and eventually even win but PacMan on the other hand is the kind of boxer I like, let’s get it done over with. He goes for the kill and he’s really aggressive. Mayweather is in a bit of a tight corner because he’s undefeated and would want to keep his record intact but Pacqauio has been beaten before and has nothing to lose going into this fight, besides they both would be rewarded handsomely win or lose.
My Verdict
This fight might end in a draw to bring about a rematch and enrich all parties involved once more. It could also end in a PacMan win prompting a rematch before the end of the year. I have a feeling if PacMan loses he wouldn’t be bothered about a rematch though because he doesn’t need to keep up appearances like Mayweather who needs to continually make money on a regular to maintain his high profile life style. 
Thanks for reading guys, I did this in a rush so pardon any errors.
Did I hear someone say I haven’t given my verdict? I am sorry, but because I get bored easily I would want a PacMan victory. That’s still not a verdict? It would end in a draw. I am sitting pretty on the fence.

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