Day 179 of 365: Money Heist, Never AGAIN!!!


I have been hearing about Money Heist for a while but intuitively I just believed I wouldn’t like the series. 2 of my friends tried to convince me to see it and one was so sure I would eventually watch it during the lockdown whenever I was bored. Me that I started Suits all over again during the said period, nonsense.

So yesterday morning 2 of my friends put up a picture on their WhatsApp status which indicated season 5 of Money Heist would be dropping soon and a new face would be added to the cast. Guess who? Wentworth Miller, if you remember Michael Scofield from Prison Break. Yes, he is the one. I just put the TV on and went straight to Netflix so I could start the series. I was on episode 2 of season 1 when I started dozing off. I just switched back to cable TV.

As I was watching Sky Sports News I just kept thinking, why did I even start the Money Heist. I tried to console myself that it was because of the Wentworth Miller guy and then I remembered I wasn’t even a fan of his in Prison Break. I loved Prison Break because of Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows), Amaury Nolasco (Sucre) and Robert Knepper (T-Bag).

I am never going near Money Heist again and I hate to say this, Prison Break was/is/will be better. I also don’t think Miller will be part of Money Heist.



  1. I liked prison break cos of Miller instead n not his brother
    Also I liked money heist n I av watched up to season 4 n I look forward to the 5th season release

    Na dt suits series me I no even near at all, my sister don toast me so tèy on it


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