I am no serious music buff like that or critic (you know footy is my thing) but I like music to certain level though, I can go a whole day without listening to music. As at 2010 if you asked me who my favourite artist was, I would say Jay Z without having to mince words or think. He still is my best artist but my naija peeps are beginning to give him a run for his money (hahahahaha). Naija artists have come of age o, o boy infact there are so many talented artists in this country from the likes of D’banj, 9ice, Durella, Iceprince (have a soft spot for this dude, #nohomo), M.I, Tuface, Jesse Jags, Mode 9, Vector tha Viper, Dammy Krane, Gen2man, Banky W, Wizkid, Nyore, Blaise, Eva, Sinzu, Naeto C and if I go on, this article won’t see the light of the day. Yea that’s how much they are. I have below the best 10 songs of the past year (2012). Feel free to chew or shred me but men I didn’t hear any better songs last year.
1. Repete by BlackMagic- I really don’t have to say much about this track. If you haven’t heard it, I implore you to search for it, find it and listen to it and then thank me later. This song is gonna stay around for a very long time. I listen to it everyday and it has been my ringtone since November when it was released. BlackMagic has this unexplainable flavour that keeps your ear glued to whatever device you might be listening from. This is one of the Naija songs I will rate 10/10, others are D’banj’s suddenly, 9ice’s photocopy and Durella’s shayo.
2. Carolina by Sinzu ft Davido- tight jam, lovely video though Sinzu has been inconsistent but this collaboration with Davido saved his blushes. He was the best naija rapper on the cypher at the 2011 bet awards. Damn Sinzu can rap.
3. Azonto by Fuse ft Tiffany and Donae O- this song had been bursting the naija airwaves before I paid attention to it, infact it was my Ghanian friend that made me settle down to listen to it well. We were at a party and the way she was doing the azonto dance when this song came on made me love the song. This track is a club banger any day.
4. Like to party by Burna Boy- this jam used to be one of those jams I see on sound city but I change the channel before it even starts because the intro didn’t really appeal to me o jare. A certain Bizzlelicious harangued me in listening to the song and the rest they say is history. Tight jam and a fantastic video. Also love his tonight song and video though its a 2013 song.
5. Aboki by Iceprince Zamani- awesome rapper, he is my second best naija rapper just after Vector. This aboki song was a perfect way for this lad to re-introduce himself after his debut album ELI (which I love so much) though I had my fears when it was first released because it seemed it was just aboki he was saying all through but before I knew it this song became a monster hit. His other new single is called more, very nice song too.
6. Bxxtard by BlackMagic & Ikon- strange to hear Ikon rap innit? Well the Syndik8 head honcho killed this track with lines Jay Z would be proud of but BlackMagic wasn’t left out with his tight flows, check this out ‘sweet mouth too much dodo/ I don’t know you please you need more promo/you can’t wash me you need more omo’. I just love that part of the song. Blackmagic will remind you of the late abami eda (Fela) with this track.
7. Cashflow by D’banj ft KaySwitch- how can I write out my top ten and not put my man Dapo Oyebanjo aka eja nla aka D’banj? Impossible. I have always been a fan and always will. I don’t know why I am putting this song but I think lyrically he did well compared to oyato & bachelor. What really excites me about this song is the end part of the video where the oyinbo guy was like I have to questions for you ; 1 Where is my money and how did you beat me? D’Banj responded saying “ko Le ye e, Oluwa is involved. Hahahahahaha
8. Confam by BlackMagic ft Sasha P- Sasha P left me drooling, damn. I was shocked with her flows and how she was spitting it. I have never been a Sasha fan and when I heard BlackMagic featured her on this track I wasn’t looking forward to listening it. Well naija’s so called first lady of rap surprised me and I am now looking forward to songs from her. BlackMagic as always did justice to his part. This song is one of the best dance songs in Naija at the moment. I can’t dance o but when I see BlackMagic dance I am hopeful, lmao.
9. Fantasy by Blackmagic- BlackMagic again? Hmmmmm yeah, this dude is as good as it gets. Abeg the guy sef should drop album already jor, all this suspense is too much though I hear he might be dropping it in April. He is by far my best Naija artist at the moment. This fantasy song shows how versatile he can be. Please listen to all his songs listed on here and you won’t regret it.
10. Ghostmode by Phyno ft Olamide- this song is tha ish. I can listen to this song over and over again. Olamide is insane damn. “Other rappers be like Naija dem no dey reach final”. Phyno too wasn’t bad tho I didn’t understand some of the things he said. This two guys have mad energy and 2013 should be a big year for them.
There you have it, the best songs of 2012. Feel free to criticize this list. Yes I know I will be getting sticks from those that love Olamide’s first of all (tight track), Tuface’s ihe ne me (not bad) or Psquare’s alingo (alingo ko, alinco ni) and a host of others. This list aint bad jor.
I hope the new year has started well for y’all. It is well, this year will definitely be better than the last by the almigthy’s grace.
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Cheers people.

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  1. Nice, i will not totally agree with the entire list, but i definitely agree with the number one….then again i am biased towards blackmagic

  2. I happen to disagree wit most of ur chioces it looks like u are on sided wit blackmagic. There are other artist dat rocked 2012 wit more lovely songs

  3. I happen to disagree wit most of ur chioces it looks like u are one sided wit blackmagic. There are other artist dat rocked 2012 wit more lovely songs

  4. Dipoooooooooooooo! U no try Oo! Olamide’s “first of all” gets me dropping my ass like it’s hot each time I hear “Charley, Charley I no be fool O”. Abeg u really need to include it. By fire, By force!

  5. The list no bad but dis blackmagic guy (eyes rolling ) don’t fink he shld have much space on d list , thank God say u no put dat alingo way dos boys sing cos I no c any fin for d song .aboki awesome hit , eva’s high shld have made dat list but dats my own opinion and Olamide’s first of all and my guy Eja ni la dbanji great guy but dat cashflow not for me .I knw say u go talk for dat 1 well I don talk my own. All together nice list .

  6. i just cant wait for the release of black magic’s duo album, that guy is simply the best for me in 2012 whf like 4 singles out which catches my attention at every air play!!! big ups to him mehn cus he seem to be my favourite ryt now!!!


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