100 Days of PMB


Like I said during the elections of March and April, 2015 I don’t know much about politics and it’s not that I have something against politicians, I just think its way too complicated for me. It is not like football. So I hear President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) has hit the 100 day mark as President of this great Nation. I think I prefer to say over 3 months and not 100 days, 100 days makes it sound like it has been a long while. So people have been airing their views on the most powerful man in the country, some have said good stuff and some have said bad stuff but I want to say my own too (lol).
Power has improved but I don’t think this should be up for discussion at all. Constant power is our right as citizens of this country. It has been erratic in the past but has improved since the new Sheriff came to town. Some say it is because of the rain oh please the rain last year was much than it has been this year so I don’t buy that story.
I also heard some looters have returned their loot and some are willing to follow suit. Is this is a good thing? I think it is. Whatever means these stolen funds can be recovered should be adopted. Nigeria would be great again that I know. Yea President Buhari dissolved the NNPC board, replaced some Head of Parastatals and blah blah blah. It is his decision and it is in his power to do so. It’s not that the newly appointed people are way better but let’s see what they are set out to achieve.
The fight or settlement with Boko Haram is on and we can have his head for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dunch (dinner and lunch, you can look it up) or dinner if he fails on any of the promises they put before us whether it was PMB himself or APC who made them, we heard promises. While some people have issues with why it is taking President Buhari long to appoint ministers and why he has decided to run the Petroleum Ministry for 18 months before naming a Minister to run it, you are not out of order in seeking answers or clarification to these questions but patience is still needed. Let him fail before you have his head.
So I was asked my take on what PMB’s first 100days was and my response was I can’t judge him based on 3 months in power, we are in this for at least 4 years with him so we have to be patient. I also pointed out that PMB might not have had a hand in the constant power or returned loots but I will say without batting an eyelid that his ‘PRESENCE’ played a part. The fear of going to jail made the people in charge sit up and do the right thing.
On this final note I plead again let’s be patient with PMB and see what Nigeria will become during his reign. Remember I am a novice in talking politics so I am might not be politically correct and that’s why you will find this article in my Attempt section.

Thank you for your time guys and have a wonderful weekend. The English Premier League is back fellas.

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