Day 44 of 365: What is LOVE???


I was charged to write about love as I see it. This has to be the most difficult thing ever for me. The kind of love I can truly vouch for is the one I receive from my family. I also have friends that I know genuinely love me and it is easy for me love people because really it is the right thing to do.

So what is love? Love is forgiving, love is caring, love is considerate, love is speaking up for people in their absence, love is honesty and trust, love is mutual respect, love is knowing differences can be worked out,  love is a beautiful thing and most importantly GOD is love.

Have I felt loved recently? Oh yes and truly I was surprised because it transcended family and close friends,  it was way more than I bargained for and I deeply appreciate everyone who was there for me at the time.

I am not really good at this writing about love thing but I know it is a wonderful feeling.

Love y’all.

Till tomorrow. CHEERS!!!



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