The Manchester United Struggles


We Manchester United fans have been so spoilt by Sir Alex Ferguson that we can’t seem to phantom what it means to lose 3 straight games let alone not winning trophies. It is not that Man Utd won trophies every year under Fergie but the former gaffer clearly didn’t play this terribly even in the 2005/2006  season which I considered my worst season as a Man Utd fan under Ferguson. Do I blame us? Hell No.
The post Fergie era has witnessed the appointment of three managers or let’s say 4 including Ryan Giggs’ temporary stint after David Moyes was sacked before the climax of the 2013/14 season. Louis Van Gaal took over from Giggs in the 2014/15 season with the latter serving as his assistant during the Dutch man’s 2 year stay. Despite winning the FA Cup in his 2nd year after a 4th place finish in his first season Van Gaal was relieved of duties for failing to qualify for the Champions League (I was made to believe that) meaning the Red Devils had to face the rigors of Thursday night football (Europa League).
Jose Mourinho
There are 5 top football managers I deeply admire; Zinedine Zidane (you might argue he’s not yet proven), Max Allegri, Antonio Conte, Carlo Ancelloti and Jose Mourinho. Of these 5, 4 were already engaged leaving Jose Mourinho the only choice from my wish list. Along came Jose Mourinho, the proven one, the special one, the happy one , the only one , the next one or whatever you choose to call him. His task was clear, take us back to the glory days and his CV was oozing of raptness so it felt like we had the man (I still feel he is the man for the job) to help us dominate again.
6 games on with 3 consecutive wins and 3 consecutive losses and the whole world wants to tear the young man into shreds. I think we need to be patient with the manager and please don’t chew me if you are a Manchester United fan. The problem might slightly lie with the manager but he needs time to get his selection right.
Wayne Rooney
The 3-1 loss to Watford at Vicarage road saw fans calling for the retirement of Wayne Rooney. The player was at an all time low with his performance on Sunday afternoon. His worst performance in a Manchester United jersey if you asked me. Wayne Rooney still remains my favourite Red Devil but I think its time he has his place on the bench or shipped off to the MLS or even China (He can always come back when those leagues are on their weird break). I also feel Rooney is the reason why £89m pound man Paul Pogba is yet to put up a superb shift, yea I used the word superb because he has just been effective so far. I clearly understand it is difficult to bench your captain or freeze him out of the team but the earlier Mourinho (not that I know any better than him) realizes that Rooney and Pogba won’t work in that midfield of ours the better for the team. 
Manchester United face Northampton in the 3rd round of the English Football League Cup (wonder why they keep changing the name of the tournament) on Wednesday night. Anything short of a win would not be acceptable. Just like we saw the resilience of the Chelsea side on Tuesday night I would love my  beloved Man Utd team to show same and even more.
Take us back to the glory days Jose, I believe in you………………………….. Thank you
Thanks for your time guys and sorry for the hiatus.


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