England Out #BrExit: Euro 2016


England clearly weren’t going to win the Euros, that was a very tall order for Roy Hodgson but I have had a commitment to this English National team since the 2002 World Cup and Roy would not be the reason I would stop supporting the Three Lions of England. I have told close family and friends that I cease to be a fan of the team after the Euro 2016 tournament which is holding in France.
My reason for ending my relationship with the English National team is not for football reasons, however it’s the recently concluded referendum on the UK’s exit from the European Union. As in I don’t know what they were thinking GOD keep us alive to see how things pan out over there. This referendum saga has affected the best thing since the last best thing which is football with the English Premiership being hit the hardest. I mean your league thrives because of the in flux of foreign players and now you want to make it difficult for football fans to enjoy the game ? Come on. Let me end it here , I feel it is early too early to take a stand (like say na my country, lol).
Back to the crux of the matter, the Three Lions of England were bundled out of the Euro 2016 tournament by Iceland 2-1 and for me it was a disgrace for the National team “I Loved”. I mean a nation with about 300,000 inhabitants but that’s not even the painful part, a country without a standing army and that’s not even hurtful enough. The most abusive part of the loss was that the team coach of the Iceland National team was a dentist as in a frigging dentist. Yes I know Lars Lagerback is joint coach with the dentist who goes by the name of Heimir Hallgrimsson. You had only one job Roy Hodgson and it was just coach a bunch of players nothing else. Losing to someone who has to fend for his family through two means of earning a living is an absolute disgrace Messr Hodgson.
England took the lead in the 4th minute via the penalty spot after Raheem Sterling was fouled by the goalkeeper and Captain Wayne Rooney stepped up to take the penalty. Goal, 1 nil and you thought England had it covered from there only for them to concede a goal 2 minutes later. You would think yes these things happen and the Three Lions will clip the Icelandic wings and humble them. I thought wrong , 1-1 it was until the 18th minute where Iceland got a second. 2-1 it ended at half time in favour of a country that is less than the population of inhabitants that dwell in Ikeja.

I don’t have much to say about the game, still hurting till now. Game ended 2-1 and it’s another exit from Europe making it 2 in a week referring to the referendum (BRExit). 

Whatever happens to England from here is totally their business but henceforth my relationship with the UK is follow Man Utd, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Aberdeen FC, Rory Mcilroy and Lewis Hamilton. 
I will like to see Italy win the Euros after watching a spirited performance against Spain yesterday. England has Messed-It for me so I quit after 7 tournaments of religiously supporting them.
Thanks for your time guys and keep the sticks coming. Love you all…… BLESS


  1. Pls spare me Mr. Ogun, yours choice and reasons to support or unfollow the Three Lion CUBS is entirely yours and I respect that. However anything other than footballing reason is a decoy and deep down its become there is no hope or chance of ever winning a tourney is what fuels your decision.
    I will not fail to add that England woes started way back when their press print and tele media idolizes their players making them the best in the world whilebin actual fact they are just average players that would usually not make the first team if wearing another country’s jersey. With due respect to Paul Scholes, David Beckham and Wayne.
    I dont want to bore you with long list of English football gods that turned out to be international flopa unable to rise to the occasion when it mattered most.
    Enough said major pointers to the Three Cubs defeats are:
    1. Media hype that makes English player bigger than they really are.
    2. Wrong choice of coach and coaching staff.
    3. Lack of talents able to decide the faith of the game. No natural midfielder.
    4. English style of football is actually not the best in Europe neithee is it in the world
    PS Rory is Scot and theres every possibility of a break away from the UKc soon than later

    • Wow, you must really hate the 3Lions to have written more words than I did. Lol. Thanks for reading Akin. Cheers


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