My Pastor Is A Man Utd Fan


My last post was titled The Manchester United Struggles and since sharing that article Man Utd have won two consecutive games with the most recent one against Leicester City this past Saturday. Now I am not saying that the team is back to its best (obviously not) but it takes a bit of pressure off Jose Mourinho and the lads.
I am yet to believe the team won Leicester City because Wayne Rooney was benched because the team beat Northampton and Rooney played. Now my point is maybe Rooney should be benched for a few more games to find out if he really is the problem. “Maybe” being the keyword. Only time will tell right? I figured.
It was a good first half for Man United when they hosted Leicester City on Saturday at Old Trafford and I say good first half because they scored all of their 4 goals in the first half in the 4-1 drubbing of the Foxes. I was happy Paul Pogba’s name was on the score sheet but I disagree with him being man of the match. A Daley Blind or Ander Herrera would have been a better choice for most valuable player on the day.
So I recently found out my pastor was a Manchester United fan. During his sermon he said he had promised not to talk about his team anymore this year but he couldn’t hold his thoughts this past Sunday as his sermon that was centered around self-belief. He said he believed the way Mourinho was forced out of Chelsea brought about his lack of confidence and self-belief. He also said Mourinho was afraid of failure and scared to make big decisions but the moment he benched some of the big names of his new club (Man Utd) a bit of that confidence seem to be coming back. Now do I agree with him? Yea to an extent but I won’t delve into that now. I am just happy my pastor is a Manchester United fan, #Shikena.
I look forward to Man U’s Europa league game against Zorya Luhansk of Ukraine on Thursday night. Yes my team is not in the Champions League but still have nothing but love for the Old Lady of Turin (Juventus) and Los Merengues (Real Madrid) and I will catch their games too.
Thanks for your time guys………………………… BLESS !!!


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