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Hey guys, happy new year again. May the blessings that come with 2014 locate you all in JESUS name (Amen). No your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this is my last post ever. I think I have lost the mojo. And I know you guys agree. So I hope you guys would stick to your new year resolutions, I will try to stick with mine.

I read somewhere that Lionel Messi was named best player of the group stage of the UEFA champions league. I mean where is the fear of GOD? I really wonder what Cristiano Ronaldo has to do to get the respect he deserves. He broke the record of the most goals scored in the group stage and you name a Messi as best player of that round? I don’t care if Messi scored 6 goals from 7 shots on target. Was it Ronaldo that limited him to that or was it Ronaldo that got him injured? Well that being said, I hope Ronaldo is crowned player of the year with him receiving the Ballon D’or. The best player in the world award isn’t something I really look forward to any more since Cannavro won it in 2006. I thought Pirlo deserved it. 2007 I was okay with Kaka winning it, Cristiano Ronaldo deserved it in 2008,

Messi was a worthy winner in 2009 but I disagree with him winning it in 2010. Wesley Sneidjer for me was the best player in 2010. 2011 Messi surely was in a class of his own and he truly deserved it but 2012? Nah it should have gone to Iniesta. Then we fall back to who the hell is Dipo to be saying one player deserves it or not. This year I think C.Ronaldo should be named player of the year and not Ribery (Robben was a better player) or Messi but bearing in mind Sepp Blatter’s remarks about Ronaldo, it sure isn’t looking likely.

I am supposed to write on my sporting moments of 2013, something crazy I did and possibly my excerpts from the movie 2013 on a more personal note but hey I said I wasn’t writing or posting anything again. This new year I want to be a changed man, do stuff I wouldn’t ordinarily do before. Like taking off my shyness costume and actually walking up to a girl to tell her she is beautiful or actually asking for directions from people or having a proper conversation with elderly people and not the hello/goodbye attitude I have with them. Yea I know I am weird but remember some mothers do have them. This isn’t my new year resolution o.

I think this year would be a fun year though, I want to get a job as a PR person, an OAP (really really want this), I want to work with a good football manager. Let me stop there because I wouldn’t finish today if I went on about what I would love to do with my life. I also want to be a father, yes this year so if any babe is ready holla (lmao).

This post is disjointed right? My bad, some posts might come up this way. Oops I thought I said I wasn’t putting up any more posts on my blog after this. Come on, I was only kidding. Thanks people and enjoy the rest of the year. Lovely week ahead.
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  1. wn u r ready to knot it wit d intended mother of ur children, pls let me no, i nid to eat dt celebration rice, hapi new yr, happy married life in advance. cheers.


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