I Want My Man Utd Back……………… Sigh


All I hear is Man Utd this Man Utd that, I don’t even know what the issue is anymore, I have blamed Moyes, Woodward, the players and even Ferguson at some point, yea Ferguson. Fergie was given the liberty to pick his successor and he picked Moyes. I respect Moyes and when he was at Everton I also thought he did well on a slightly lean budget. Now to compare Moyes with Ferguson is a no brainer because before joining United Fergie had conquered Europe with Aberdeen FC beating the likes of Real Madrid and also breaking the stronghold of the old firm winning the Scottish Premiership ahead of Rangers and Celtic. He achieved this feat before he was 50 and Moyes is 50 years old at the moment with just one winners medal which he won as a Man UTD manager. I know Man Utd haters will say the Community shield he won this season is just a tray. Go to the German Bundesliga and you will know what their League trophy looks like (very cute tray).
I am not asking for David Moyes’ head but I want the Man Utd I started supporting thanks to Complete Sports, Big Doz and Big Yomz back in 1994. The Man Utd all teams in the EPL feared and desired to be like. The Man Utd that have a never say die attitude, the Man Utd that will still boss the game even if they were 2 goals down and the Man Utd that doesn’t need to go all season unbeaten but will assure me of a trophy. Yes that’s the MANCHESTER UNITED I want back. Damz asked me a couple of months back (he still asks once in a while) how it felt being a Man Utd fan with the situation we are in and I could only mutter things will get better, I doubt if he ever heard whenever I said that (na lowkey voice I use). If you ask me that question right now I will say all I want is fourth spot come May. Big Yomz said he hopes we don’t make 4th place so Moyes could get the boot. I know how he feels because if we come 4th, we would obviously be happy and forget that we don’t like Moyes or something. The jollof rice and turkey my aunt served me at the time Yomz made the statement made me forget to drag the argument.
I will still blame Ed Woodward or whatever the clown we call our oga at the top because he has been the one in charge of transfers. Well there’s not much to say about this the dude. Now verdict is Moyes will eventually get boot if we don’t make fourth spot because we wont be getting out of the Mullah UEFA gives to Champions League qualifiers and if the shareholders don’t get their dividends or is it profit or their investment’s worth. David Moyes, Ed Woodward this is a personal plea, I have lost all patience and come on those Assnal fans that have been silent for 9 years (though they would still end up trophyless this season) have been taking shots at me. Please I want my MANCHESTER UNITED back.
Thanks for reading peeps. Stay Blessed.
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  1. Hmmmm, I feel your pain…..i guess it’s just a matter of time for Moyes to get it right with the team even though at this point I don’t know who is to blame

  2. Why u know upload those moyes pic na hahahahaha. Moyes shld go Abeg enough is enough na from the game against Swansea way man utd win 4-1 I don talk say make them sack the guy. The man utd I know don’t play with style but them go win but with David at the helm now no style and no winning mentality and the idiot was the only one saying man utd was playing good football against Swansea good football my foot. This guys shld just go am sure Mike Phelan will just be laughing and dipo u know write abt ole joining Cardiff e be like say na Cardiff I wan support now for a while till man utd change but I go still dey Manchester though because of shitty 😝

  3. Lol! Give him time, Fergie also said so, at least let him see out his contract. I hope things remain like this for at least 4years, cos lately I don’t get those shots from you again despite Milan terrible performances. Thank goodness, Allegri is leaving, after 4yrs but you know I only started calling for his head this season so try do similar and let’s see if you’ll even make Europe for the next 4 seasons. Remember I’ve been telling you for years, even for ‘centre’, say let’s wait till Fergie leaves before we really know your real worth as a team. There are so many ‘united’ now……lol, better stick with ur other teams -Juve, Real, Villa sef go pay u

    • Hahahahaha, dis 13th placed Milan fan too is speaking? Wat do u know abt time? Who has dat luxury dese days? Pls don’t be a voyeur n cry ur own cry. Thanks for reading

  4. am so speechless cos i have once blamed Moyes, later blamed the player but am yet to blame SAF. perhaps if i did, i might have must angr urge satisfied.#TEAMMANUTD STILL


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