It was 12am on the 29th of December (2011). 29th of December has always been and will always be the best day in the world, well after Christmas and my mum’s birthday (27th December) *bite me*. My daughter was the first to call me (yes I do have one very special girl I call my daughter and I am no Senator Y****a) and then Bee and many many other people I can’t list for sake of space. I received close to 25 calls between 12am and 3am before sleep got the best of me. I think I was only asleep for about 15 minutes when I heard the sound of something falling off the bed. Before I could confirm what it was, my hands were already on my head. It was my laptop that fell, I was working on my MSc dissertation whilst receiving the birthday phone calls. The laptop went blank. I turned it on again and after a few seconds it went blank again. I just said this is the end and went back to bed.

My cousin Pish woke me up at about 7am and when I got out of bed, I picked up the laptop again to see if it would work, but no luck. I called my cousin who knew a thing or two about laptops and he said he would come over since there would be birthday rice. I don even forget say na my birthday. Calls kept coming in and my pictures were used as display pictures on family and friends’ blackberries, facebook messages and tweets were not left out as I got a lot of them. I was feeling like Barack Obama at that point. Pish told us to go downstairs to look for the babes that sold ewa agoyin and bread. He grabbed a can of double 33 as we hit the stairs. On getting downstairs we met Sir Falz and three us started gisting. One gist led to another and Sir Falz brought up girl friend issue asking Pish whom he was dating at the moment. Pish said he was single and Falz said he could get his wife to introduce him to one ‘take home to mama babe’.

Falz called his wife to find out if the ‘take home to mama babe’ was at work and she said yes, he now told her to introduce the babe to Pish (you should have seen the smile on Pish’s face, lmao). The stage was set, Falz’s wife agreed and said Pish should come over to her office whenever he was ready. At this point the ewa agoyin and bread babes had arrived and I went upstairs to get an extra plate for Falz. By the time I got back downstairs I saw Pish driving off and I asked Falz what happened, he said Pish couldn’t wait any longer that he wanted to go and meet the babe immediately jare. I was like wow, the power of a lady. Myself and Sir Falz went upstairs with our food while I was thinking of how to host family and friends that were coming over. My caterer aunt sent food over, myself and Pish had bought drinks the day before but had to get more. So my friend Lagos Colour and I went to get more. The day was going well except that my laptop issue kept haunting anytime I tried to smile or laugh with the awesome guys around me. My cousin had a look at it and he said he would take it to Computer Village. L2ce too had a look but no luck.

The man of the moment (Pish) got back at about 6pm with smiles, confirming he liked what he saw. The house was empty at about 10pm and the thought of my laptop got intense. it was the festive period and I was already thinking nothing could be done till like after the new year. My dissertation deadline was January 18th and I had just finished the fourth chapter before the laptop packed up. My cousin came for it the next day but he returned with it almost immediately as the Computer Village dudes didn’t know how to fix it. My padi of life (GL) was the last option and the reason why I didn’t even think of him all the while was because if the laptop could not have been fixed by the gurus at the Computer village then how could he fix it? I thought wrong, he fixed the laptop in less than 20 minutes, boy was I glad. I was able to hand in my dissertation (online and I even begged my friend to print and bind a copy for me) on the due date. GL was obviously my man of the year without a doubt.

Pish got to married to that babe this year and another dude that met a babe on my birthday too married the babe he met. So you see if you are looking for true love, holla at me on the 29th of December and I will surely hook you up, lol.

As for Man Utd fans e pele o, I don port go CLUBLESS, lmao. Just joking, I am going to be a MANCHESTER UNITED fan till I drop. I hope David Moyes gets in some new players though.

Thanks for reading and I hope I didn’t bore you guys. Its part of the plot of being consistent. Do have a fabulous and blessed week.

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  1. Looking forward to this year’s celebration yea. Bringing single babes oooo, so all dem single guys holla @ me to get registered.

  2. If I miss this year own make I see weytin cause am!I wanna single die….@folakemi my Name is Jeff and am Dipo’s friend abeg I single o.


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