Near Embarrassing Moment At Ikeja City Mall


It was a Friday in May (2013), the day before GB’s wedding. I decided to leave the office at about 4pm so I could beat traffic on third mainland bridge enroute Berger. I was heading for Ojodu specifically where GB lived so I could at least assist him in my own little way. I got to his place at about 6.30pm and I was really tired. I lay on the 3-seater couch with my long legs stretching past the other end of the couch while GB spoke to his event planner/decorator and his brothers about how he would want things to pan out the following day. After he was done with them and they had left, he faced me and asked if he should get some more red wine and liquor. I didn’t have to talk, my smile convinced him that he should.

Now it was 8.15pm and we decided to go to Shoprite at the Ikeja City Mall but the problem of who was going to drive caused a bit of delay in movement. I certainly wasn’t going to drive another person’s car and the groom to be too wasn’t willing to drive so the only option we had was to beg 4D. We were running out of time and Shoprite usually closed at about 9pm. To cut the long story short, we got there at about 8.50pm because of slight traffic and the fuel station stop. I and GB got down leaving 4D to go and park the car. We got in right on time and started buying away, shortly 4D walked into Shoprite to join us. 4D disappeared after a couple of minutes, the next time we saw him he was toasting a babe.
We filled our cart with Red label, Red wine (Drostdy Hof), Grant, Jack Daniels, Baileys and as we were contemplating on getting more drinks, GB’s uncle called to tell him he had dropped some liquor and wine in the house for him. We moved on to pay for the items we already had and after paying we began our walk to the car park after searching all over the place for 4D with our eyes and phones. We finally found him at the exit of the Mall. We asked where he parked and he led the way.

Na here the wahala start, the car we took to Mall was a Honda Accord aka Baby Boy. It was a navy blue car and as we were walking to where we thought 4D parked I saw a car that looked like the one we brought but 4D said it wasn’t the car we brought that wouldn’t he know where he parked again. I simply said no vex. We got to where he thought he parked and I just knew in my mind it wasn’t the car we brought. He tried to open the driver’s door but it didn’t open, then he tried again gently pushing and turning the key as he slid it into the keyhole and it opened bringing the car’s security alarm to life, the thing making a hell of a noise. GB and I looked at each other and said the car we brought didn’t have its security enabled. We were confused. We closed the door and the alarm went off. We opened the door again and it made noise. We closed it and it stopped again. 4D opened it and got into the car to search for where the security button could possibly be, the car was causing a bit of a scene at this point, with a few stares from people.

After trying to stop the noise with no luck, we shut the door and called the owner of the car to tell us where the security button was. The owner of the car sounded confused on the phone. He said his car had nothing of such nature, GB was losing his cool already and shouting over the phone. The owner of the car decided to come over. As the call was ended I noticed 4D was walking away from the car gently and the next thing I heard was Dipopo no be our motor be that o. In a split second myself and GB grabbed all our stuff and left the screaming car.

All we could say was thank GOD the owner of the other car didn’t even come out to pick something from his car. I am sure he was drinking away at Bhear Hugz. Dem for put tyre for our neck roast us. It was GB that I really pitied. Hin for sleep cell the night before hin wedding.

Thanks guys and do enjoy the rest of the week.

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  1. Dipoooooooo hardest guy ever liveth…nice write up and i believe no be make up story….God save you..bride for kill all of u for making her husband to be come church from cell…

  2. “I certainly wasn’t going to drive another person’s car” swiz u never sabi drive? Anyways thank you stars say dem no catch una…

    • Yayyyyyyyyy my darling sis in tha building. Yes o very close, and we thank GOD. How are my peeps? Much love n miss you


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