Election 2015


Not knock on wood yet but this might probably be the first time I am going to cast my vote on a National scale. I have never exercised this Civil Right and I hoping to do so if not for anything but the stress it took me to get my Permanent Voters Card (PVC).  Like my darling aunt said she literally sweated to get her PVC so why pull out at the final hurdle?

If my aunt who’s a little over 70 and still stunningly beautiful and fit (you want a picture? I will seek her permission to show you one) would be willing to vote then who am I?  I got my PVC on the 3rd of February, 2015 after going back and forth till like forever. I just hope the stress would be worth it in the short, medium and long term. Who am I voting for? I thought just as the elections would be secret ballot so would whom I am voting for too should be a secret? Well close friends and family already know who my candidates are.

I am not going to put any of the candidates down with my words I just pray for a free and fair election. So come March 28 and April 11, 2015 I would be casting my votes and as my aunt would say Deo Volonte (GOD willing). I have learn’t quite a bit from my aunt ? I sure did, she inspired the post and I decided to write it immediately after our chat so I wouldn’t lose the plot.

Thanks peeps…….. Bless


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