The Sins Of Steven Gerard


Its no longer news that Liverpool captain Steven Gerard aka Stevie G aka Mr Liverpool is leaving the club at the end of the season. Yea yea he’s going to be missed by theirs fans and maybe some neutrals of the game. He’s heading to LA Galaxy in the U.S and maybe it’s the right move for him (only time will tell) because I know he’s going to miss the EPL and would want to structure a loan deal to come back and play again for the Red Scousers.
Why have I tagged the post Sins of Steven Gerard? In as much as I respect him he would never make it into my all time best England or EPL side ever and this is because I have been following him since 2002. Yea I became a convert of the English national team that year which means I have watched Stevie G for over 13 years and just when he’s having a wonderful time for the national team or club he does something to bring them down.
I will list my sins of Stevie G and you will tell me what you think. Agreed? Good.

1. England Versus France (Euro 2004): scores were level (1-1) then Stevie G decided on his own to be generous to the French lads. French wines must have been his favorite for him to have given the English goalie a dangerous back pass that allowed French striker Thierry Henry to steal in and score to gift the French team a 2-1 victory.

2. Chelsea Versus Liverpool (Carling Cup Final 2005): I will not forget this game, 9minutes away from winning the trophy after going a goal up by John Arne Riise. Gerard decided to be the nice guy again. What did he do? He headed into his team’s goal a Chelsea freekick to take the game into extra time. Liverpool eventually lost the game handing Jose Mourinho his 1st trophy in England.

3. Chelsea Versus Liverpool (League Match, 2010): this is the most painful of the lot for me. Man Utd was neck in neck with Chelsea for the title and the worst I was hoping for in the Chelsea versus Liverpool game was a draw so United could have a realistic chance of winning the title. Gerard had other plans when he decided to give a back pass to the his keeper. Didier ‘I no dey dull’ Drogba pounced on the loose ball to give Chelsea the lead. Chelsea eventually won the game 2-0 and the title too.

4. Chelsea Versus Liverpool (League Game, 2014): all Liverpool needed in this game was a draw to maintain advantage over Man City in the race for the title. Yours truly slipped when receiving a pass from Mamadou Sakho allowing Demba Ba to steal in and score. Man City eventually won the league that season and the EPL title continued to elude Liverpool.

5. Red Card (League Match: Liverpool Versus Man Utd, 2015): Gerard didn’t start this game and as an experienced player it was surely expected of him to watch the game from the bench and possibly change it if need be for his team. At half time Liverpool was a goal down at home and Stevie G was called upon at the start of the 2nd half to bring his experience to the fore. What did he do? He gets a red card 43 seconds after coming on. Come on Stevie G this was your last game against Man Utd before you left for the MLS. Though it could be argued that those 43 seconds Gerard spent on the pitch was the best period for Liverpool in the game (excluding the period Liverpool scored). Some even said “Pele spent more time on the pitch than Stevie Gerard did”. Yea Edson Arantes De Nacimento popularly known as Pele was a guest at Anfield today where the game was played. Game ended 2-1 in Man Utd’s favour.

So long Stevie G, my beloved Manchester United did the double over your Liverpool in your season finale for Liverpool. All the best in your new challenge.
Thanks for reading guys and do have a fabulous week ahead.

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