Day 81 of 365: Mondays were the BEST DAYS!!!


Prior to my NYSC year, I used to hate Mondays for a reason I can’t explain. In Boarding House the lineup of food served for the day is boring, even the subjects taught on the day were oh my GOD a bore *rolling my eyes*. In Uni the Monday courses were usually a bore and too early especially Diploma days , I mean how do you fix a class for 7am. NYSC days, it was different and super cool.

Monday was my Community Development Service (CDS) day and I was in the Charity Group. Some people would say Fridays are usually the best days for CDS. I honestly wanted Friday but I got Monday and it was not until I started work at my Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) that I realised Monday is the best day for CDS. Fridays at the office is usually relaxed and stress free, yes maybe not for the Operations’ guys (served in a Bank) but I am sure they always took solace in the Thank GOD Is Friday (TGIF) phrase, we all know Mondays can be tough; meetings, presentations etc.

Having CDS on Mondays was like having an extended weekend for me. So by 9am at the latest myself and my guys are at the Muri Okunola NYSC Local Government office (Eti-Osa 1), we sign in then bounce till when someone buzzes us that the NYSC card is being signed so we can rush back to sign ours and head home to prepare for the work week.

We were a clique of 6 including one babe, one of the most honest individuals I know, shout out to FatChild. We had occasional cameos from some of our other guys who work around. Our spots were The Palms, Chocolat Royale, Spar and one mall just across the Secretariat. We were always looking forward to the next Monday.

It was also fun cleaning the environment, visiting orphanages and talking to the people around the community on health issues etc.

NYSC year has been one of the best times for me to be honest even Camp days were a bliss.



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