Day 82 of 365: Has Stan changed???


If there is someone who can frustrate me and it will get to me, it has to be my man Stan aka Epo (Palm Oil) aka Lagos Colour. Even if it is the littlest of things, he can make me lose it for a second before I realise its not worth losing my cool for.

He’s a great guy no doubt but he can annoy me and to be honest I know how to get on his nerves too. Like we could be hanging out at a joint or a buka I would distract him and steal his ponmo, his clap back is usually painful. If we are done eating and he goes to get toothpicks he never offers me one. He would say my teeth are too tiny to have anything to pick from them, ouch very painful.

The most annoying thing about Lagos Colour for me is he never keeps to time if we have to go out. I mean tell him we are going out for 4pm and he would breeze at 7pm. There was one time I lied to him we were going somewhere at noon even though the event was for 3pm and the clown still turned up later than the 3pm.

He has shocked me the last 3 times we have had to go out. He was early, and even ready before me. Has Stan changed or I have just been 3 times lucky?

Dude was never late for lectures or exams sha.

We MOVE!!!


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