Day 359 of 365: Rolling Back the YEARS!!!


The Christmas holidays were best when I didn’t have responsibility or bills to pay. So for Christmas Eve, there was usually a party or a get together like we like to say these days in the evening then the next morning it was breakfast with the family before I went out to see other family and friends. The Lewis’ place was always a place to go on Christmas Day.

After a 4 year hiatus, there was a gathering at the Lewis’ place today but first, my day started with me catching the Omnibus of My Flatmates on cable, having breakfast and then a bath. After dressing up I headed to my uncle’s place where I had the customary Christmas Turkey with rice and salad. After that, it was drinking whilst preparing for my radio program.

Radio kicked off at 5:15 pm today and after Radio next stop was the Lewis’. Good to see my first set of friends again. Food, booze, barbecue and gisting with people who don’t judge made me feel at home. After a few bottles of Stout (I miss this drink) it was time to go home.

It was a lively Christmas once again, this time last year it felt like I was going to die after falling ill.

I thank GOD for sparing my life.


P/S: The Lewis family are my first best friends.


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