Day 360 of 365: I don try abeg


Trust y’all had a great day yesterday. I did, I was with family and friends and even went for my radio program. Last year I couldn’t say the same as I was dead weak and could barely eat anything. It took the grace of GOD to survive if I say so myself. Again I apologise to those that were worried stiff this time last year.

I embarked on this writing everyday journey thanks to my friend, Tolu. I didn’t write every day as I have missed 18 days so far and for two reasons; the first <span;>11 days I was recuperating from being ill and secondly I had to switch domains. So 360 minus 18 means I have dropped a post 342 times in 342 days. I have tried abeg, let me pat myself on the back.

I think this writing thing was a good choice. It was therapeutic, I was able to pen down past events and also recent happenings. Will I do it again next year? Hell No. It is one of the things that stretched me the most this year and yes I was up to it. I can do fortnightly or weekly but every day, no. There were nights I was dead tired this year and even fell asleep writing at some point.

What a year 2021 has been. I have had ups and downs; frowns and smiles but I thank GOD for life, particularly good health. I pray 2022 will be a better year.



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