Day 320 of 365: She’s a big FAN!!!


I went to cut my hair this evening and on getting there I saw a lady who was being tended to. She was tinting her hair pink and one thing struck me, no not her beauty. Yes, she was very pretty but it was her watching a football match on her phone as the barber tinted her hair that got my attention.

When she was done and the cloth used to cover her up as she got her hair tinted was taken off, I was blown away. She was wearing a 2008 Manchester United jersey, the white one. It used to be my favourite white piece of clothing I owned that year. The only downside was she had number 11 with her nickname IVY written behind it. Story for another day.

Very friendly girl and she was really into Manchester United. It is not a case of my boyfriend being a Man U fan that’s why I am a fan, no. She has been a fan since 2004 and Ryan Giggs happens to be her best player ever. Nonsense, where there is a Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes and even Nemanja Vidic.



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