Day 319 of 365: He is not PHOTOGENIC!!!


First, let me tell you about Jamo the Photographer. Top guy with lofty dreams, I still don’t know if he achieved his dream of taking pictures at a World Cup but he became my friend the moment he said he had dreams of going to the Germany 2006 World Cup to take pictures.

So Jamo became my official photographer as the most pictures I have taken in my life could be credited to him. Pictures printed that is.  All the picture taking was brought to a halt for a couple of months the day I went to see Lusco, my cousin’s friend. Lusco stayed with his cousin who had seen a picture of me before and the moment he saw me in person he said oh, he’s not PHOTOGENIC.

Didn’t know if I should cry, lol. Anyway I took it and smile. Anyway I still took pictures with Jamo. I am not a big fan of pictures anymore.



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