Day 306 of 365: Stan ‘D’ Man


My friendship with Stanley started late 2002. Very correct guy, I am always lost for words describing what he means to me and I must give credit to him for sustaining the relationship. He totally gets me and I honestly always get away with the pranks I pull on him.

I remember how I always nick his ponmo when we go for lunch back in Uni, how myself and Seyi always hit his head and he tries to curse us in Yoruba but it always comes out as Trap (Trap lon je). How he’s never on time whenever we have to go out but he always finds a way to calm me the hell down whenever I try to get pissed.

Stan ‘D’ Man as I always call you, I wish you the best and always will. Never hear me say f**k you because I love you. You are a brother to me in more ways than one. It was a great feeling as always to celebrate your day with you today. GOD Bless you bro.



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