Day 266 of 365: When I discovered the GREATNESS of OHA Soup


My eating habit wasn’t particularly great when I was in the NYSC Camp. On my first official day in camp, my Platoon cooked for the Corp members. It was lunch and Eba (Garri) was the order of the day. See me turning Eba with my fellow Platoon 1 members. Someone’s sweat mistakenly dropped into the big container whilst the Garri was in process and there and then I made up my mind not to eat from the food served in the kitchen.

I resorted to buying food from Mammy Market, what I don’t know won’t kill me, lol. I waited till evening to have Suya and drinks. The next morning after the parade and all I went to Mammy and saw a lady I knew from Uni. She was a Corper too but had a stand where she made and sold Noodles and Eggs. That was what I had that morning.

When it was lunchtime I was wondering what I would have. I took a walk to Mammy with my friend Ken who was also not interested in what was served in the kitchen. We saw one lady selling food and walked up to her. Asked her what she was selling. She said Eba (the yellow one) and Semo with either Oha Soup or Egusi Soup. No okro, sigh.

I asked for Semo and Egusi but the lady (fine girl) insisted I tried the Semo and Oha. People that know me well know I don’t experiment with food, I will never eat what I don’t know. Alas, the Oha was so on point, it had to be the best soup to have come out of Igbo land.

I had Oha and Semo for lunch daily for the 3 weeks I spent in Camp. I ticked my meal card just once all through and it was a Sunday morning with bread being the meal I had.



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