Day 267 of 365: Aint no Party like a LAGOS Party


I had never been to Abuja for an event before, when I say event I mean like a party. I always just thought after Lagos, Abuja would be the next fun place to attend a party. I thought wrong. Now I am not talking about going clubbing or the likes. Let me just cut to the chase abeg.

I went to Abuja for a cousin’s wedding, I was one of the groom’s men. I had a few friends based in Abuja and strangely the men amongst them let me down with the babes being the ones that turned up. Shout out to BABES. One of which we went to the same Secondary School and the other I met in Uni. So the event was going well but I didn’t know there was an unwritten rule as to when the event would end.

My friend from Secondary School came a bit late, I think she arrived at about 3.45 pm and she was apologizing. She was even with her kids. In my head, I am like if it was Lagos she arrived too early. I said it’s fine and besides, there is still a lot of time to have fun. She said what are you talking about that by 4 pm or max 4.30 pm the party would be over. I was like was she the one that invited me or the other way round. She laughed and we continued catching up.

We were outside the hall talking and at past 4 pm, people started trooping out of the hall and before 5 pm the party had ended. Thankfully the hall was by a park where the rest of us, mainly from Lagos decided to perch and have fun.

There is no party like a Lagos party, End Of.



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