Day 232 of 365: That Victoria Girl (Conclusion to the Sequel)


We continued to take a piss at each other’s clubs with yours truly ahead if we were to score points. I mean I know football more than she does, she supports Manchester City I support Manchester United. Really who would you have expected to be in the ascendancy. Manchester City’s future is United’s past, United have been where City are currently at before. I wasnt being cocky, was just confident I was going to win the verbal battle with a lady on football matters.

She had her win though, ladies annoy me when they do things like repeating stuff or hammering on points past. She just said but we beat you giys 6:1, come on this is 2018, that happened in 2011. I was pained but covered it up with a thunderous laughter.

We were descending Third Mainland Bridge when I asked where in Yaba precisely she was headed. She said Alagomeji and I was like okay, my final destination was Sabo. I told her I would love to see her lovely face again soon and she responded saying that would be great.

I asked her for her number and just when she was about to call the last of 11 digits, Fifi woke me up saying Uncle Dipo you will be late for work.

Damn, it was a dream yet again. SIGH



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