Day 231 of 365: That Girl Victoria (The Sequel)


I pulled out of the compound in my black LR 4 heading to work on the mainland from my abode. I had not gone too far when I saw this cute fair skinned lady strutting along like she was on a runway (yeah she was that confident with her sexiness). I wonder how I noticed her beauty in the dark though, I mean it was about 5.30 am. Maybe I am just a sucker for light skinned girls, lol. Back to the matter at hand, so I offered to give her a lift and she hesitated at first then she dropped the usual line of you don’t even know me or where I am headed. I told her even if it was to get to the nearest bus stop where she could get a cab (could not say bus so as to not offend her) I would not mind dropping her off. She was still hesitant but finally agreed when I said I won’t bite.

She was rocking a wine body hugging spandex dress with black flat shoes and I can put her height at about 5 feet 4 inches, just like I love them. I set the vehicle in motion and had not driven up to a kilometer when she said she was actually heading to Yaba. I was like exactly the area I was going to and she flashed a smile. I drove on in silence till we got to Chevron which was just after the toll gate that led us out of the Ajah axis. I could have sworn a thought of me kidnapping her or something that sinister crossed her mind. She looked at me with skepticism when I told her I worked for the biggest e-business solutions company in Sub-Saharan Africa (google it) when she asked what I did for a living. She added that I was cocky too.

I continued the drive down to the mainland in silence but it was obvious she wanted to make conversations and this must have stemmed out of fear of her being in the car with someone she barely knew. So I indulged her by having a chat with her asking a few questions. She said she worked in a bank, looking at going to do her Masters in Canada, she also had dreams of being an On Air Personality (her svelte voice did not make me doubt this). She said she loved to party and she took very little alcohol as she could be light headed. The conversation was getting interesting then she mentioned she was a Manchester City fan. I didn’t know when I blurted out “oh my GOD”. She curiously asked what the problem was and I responded saying if I had known you were a City fan I would not have offered to give you a lift, expecting her to take offense. She just laughed.

To be continued.

PS: I had written this since 2018, it was a sequel to this



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