Day 127 of 365: Delay isn’t DENIAL


Manchester City’s lifting of their 5th English Premier League (EPL) title was stalled by the postponement of the Manchester United versus Liverpool game. A loss to United would have handed City the title last Sunday but the fans had other plans.

The Manchester United fans stormed the Old Trafford pitch in protest against the club’s owners, the Glazer family with one of the reasons cited as United to joining the European Super League (ESL). The fans didn’t only stop at the invasion of the stadium as they were also at the team’s Lowry Hotel before the players could set out for the game.

The game was eventually postponed as mentioned earlier and is scheduled to be played on Thursday 13th of May, 2021. Now the downside is Manchester City will win the title whether we United fans like it or not but they have piled up fixtures for the team as Man United will now have to play 4 games (yesterday inclusive) in 8 days with fixtures against Aston Villa on the 9th, Leicester on the 11th and Liverpool on the 13th in the coming days.

I am not even worried about the schedule because I know Manchester United will hang in the top 4. On a lighter note, I think the fans protested on that day because they didn’t want City to be crowned Champions on that day, why didn’t they disrupt the Europa League tie against AS Roma? Delay isn’t DENIAL, City will be crowned Champions this weekend, next week or whenever.



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