Day 270 of 365: My favourite Ronaldo De Lima game


Ronaldo Luiz Nazario De Lima is arguably the best out and out striker football has ever seen. I have fond memories of a lot of his games and two come to mind easily. There was one against my beloved Manchester United where he scored a hattrick for Real Madrid in a Champions League quarter final match in a packed Old Trafford. However, my favourite Ronaldo De Lima game has to be the one where he scored a hattrick against Atletico Madrid in a Madrid derby.

I honestly cannot remember what season this game was played (I think it must have been 2005/06 season) but I clearly remember I saw it at my then girlfriend who hated football’s (I think she still does) house. She wanted to watch something else but I kept pleading with her to let me watch the game because it was a big deal.

Real Madrid were clueless for most of that match despite having a man advantage as an Atletico player had been sent off early in the first half. Atletico Madrid threatened Iker Casillas who was in goal for Real at will without making their effort count with a certain Fernando Torres the main culprit.

Ronaldo’s 3 shots on target and 3 goals won the game 3:0 for Real Madrid that night.



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