Day 126 of 365: He picked up a FORM!!!


No it is not a football club membership form I am talking about here. It is a form to apparently contest in an election. I am not big on politics so I usually just sample opinions from my friends especially in a particular WhatsApp group (Naija Pundits) I am a part of. The group was initially set up for sports conversations but has blown up to be more. We can call ourselves family if I say so myself and I learn a lot from the lady and gentlemen we have in there.

There is this guy in the group who’s opinion on political issues I respect a lot. His views on political issues are always objective. Now he’s decided to run for office and for me the smart thing he’s done is starting small. He will start with being a Councillor representing Odo-Olowu Ward (Itire/Ikate LCDA) in Surulere. If this is your zone then Tunde Fancy is your guy. This is someone I can vouch for anytime.

I have never known anyone personally running for office and by personally I mean someone I can have access to at any point I desire. I have also not being involved in a real life campaign before (except for Secondary School) but I promise to help my guy with all I have got even though I am not eligible to vote in that area.

Tunde Fancy picked up his form today and I wish him all the best.



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