Day 111 of 365: I Miss Eba and Okro


Those who know me know my favourite meal is Eba and Okro, it has to be white garri though I can manage yellow garri if left with no choice. Growing up I ate this a lot and post Primary School my mum stopped preparing it for us for no reason. So I didn’t have it for a few years, till University days to be precise. My cousin and a close friend occasionally spoilt me with it.

These days a week doesn’t go by¬† without me having my favourite meal and it got to a stage people started getting worried about my love for it. Anyhoo, this is 2021 and we are in April, the 21st day of April to be precise and I have not had Eba and Okro in a long while. The last time I had it was on the 16th of March, 2021, over a month ago. Can you imagine?

I miss ila alasepo with different kinds of protein playing inside it. I have stopped visiting my people who always have this readily available whenever I stopped by. You people should pardon me o, I will be visiting soon. Lol

White Eba o, yellow Eba o I have not had Eba and Okro in over a month. End of.



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