Day 112 of 365: One Twelve


Growing up I hardly l listened to R n B songs, yes I liked a few. Boys II Men, Bell Biv Devoe were quite big then. My cousin Labimbi was a big R n B head and he made like songs like Case’s Faded Picture, Joe’s I wanna Know , The Best Man I Can Be which had Ginuwine, Tyrese, R.L and Case in it.

I loved R n B songs that had rap features in them like 112’s Only You featuring the Notorious B.I.G and the remix featuring Mase. Brian McKnight featuring Mase (You should mine) and Brandy’s collaboration with Mase on Top of the World were also some of my favourites just to mention a few. You will notice Mase dominated this list, his style really suits these sort of collabos.

So I had this really nice girlfriend, UK based at the time who knew I didn’t listen to R n B songs much but kept impressing 112’s songs on me. She usually bought my favourite Rap CDs for me and instead of buying a 112 CD she would rather burn their songs on an empty disc and give to me. Her idea was there was no how I would see the 112 disc and not at least give it a shot. It was their Part III album that had hit singles like Peaches and Cream, It’s Over Now and Dance With Me that eventually got me fully acquainted with the lads.

The album wasn’t bad but it was when I listened to Peaches and Cream (remix) off the Bad Boy Entertainment We Invented the Remix album that I was converted to being a fan. The lads’ music stuck on me.

I didn’t know when I requested for their Hot and Wet album after it dropped. My wish was granted and it was shocking to some of my friends I could listen to an R n B album from beginning to end without skipping a song. 112 might not be my best R n B group in terms of monster hits but they are high up there behind Boys II Men, Bell Biv Devoe, TLC, Shai, KC & Jojo. I also loved Az Yet but they only dropped one album I liked.

Same babe made me like Mario’s Just a Friend, could it have been she was telling me we were better off being friends. Lol.




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