The Last Piece Of The Year


Hey peeps, trust you are gearing up for the new year. I wasn’t going to put a post up again this year but I just decided to bore you guys as usual. I am not so into having new year resolutions but trust me I respect those who always have new year resolutions and keep them. I hate making promises because to speak is easy but to do is the task. My first attempt at a new year resolution was my Uni grad year, I promised to stop drinking. I was already coasting in the first month, feeling like a bad guy. I was even in Lagos then and I wasn’t falling for the temptations flirting with me.

I got back to school and traditionally (in both halls I lived) your first night back in school is always a drinking night. I had already bought a bottle of Scottish whiskey and Smirnoff Vodka for my friends that missed my birthday gig . We went to a joint for beers first and I decided to have malt because I claimed to have stopped drinking. After we finished our drinks, we headed back to our hall to sleep. On getting to the hall PHCN restored power so we decided to catch a movie. We were 7 in number, 5 boys and 2 girls (mind you, the girls didn’t drink when we went out o).

We decided to watch Reservoir Dogs (one of the best movies ever made) and as we were watching, one of the dudes asked that I bring the drinks I bought for them. I brought them out and one of the guys went out to search for soft drinks to mix the drinks with. He got lucky and came back with some bottles of coke. The other 4 guys were drinking when I suddenly came up with a silly wager. I saw this on TV though. I told one of the guys I would fill 3 disposable cups with vodka and I will just put little shots of vodka into another 3 disposable cups. The filled cups would be mine and the little shots would be his. This is the joke, I told him I would finish my drinks before he finishes his and he laughed out loud. He said it wasn’t possible and that I should just say I felt like drinking. I told him if I won he would have to drink the bottle of Scottish whiskey all alone in less than an hour and that if I lost I would take care of feeding and drinking of everyone present for a week. Yea I made more enemies than friends at this juncture. Why would they want to support me?
He agreed and I set the rules. I told him he couldn’t touch my cup and I wouldn’t touch his.

He said he was cool with it. The moment I was fumbling with my first cup he had finished his first cup and he was laughing at me while I struggled to finish my first cup with his second cup already in his hand. I finished my first cup and he was still laughing at me while he clutched on to his second cup, I carefully dropped my empty cup into his third cup. Now remember the rules? We can’t touch each other’s cup. He froze the moment he realized he couldn’t touch my cup, hence he lost the wager. Yea call me a cheat, at least he should have finished his drink 1st before laughing at me, hahahahahaha. He drank till he could drink no more. So you see I couldn’t fulfill my new year resolution that year. Though I was able to stick to one of my new year resolutions of this year but won’t share that. I have set a new year resolution for 2014 but I am not willing to share that too (you can ask in private).

So let me digress, I went to E-center with a colleague yesterday. She wanted to get an etisalat sim and since it was lunch time I decided to tag along. At about 8pm at night I got a bbm message from one babe I used to toast one time. She said I thought you said you didn’t have a girlfriend and I was like I don’t follow that what did she mean. She said she saw me with one cute Alhaja at Ozone and I couldn’t help but laugh. I told her she was a colleague and married but she wasn’t having none of it. I now told her I sense jealousy and she said never that she wasn’t jealous o (if it helps her sleep better at night). Anyways I slept off (was frigging tired) when she was saying stuff I can’t put in this post. I woke up to find out I responded to her saying yago lona se mo jo Yemi my lover ni (move babe do I look like Yemi my lover). A fine girl no doubt, but as she no gree for me make she free me nah, lol.

My birthday was on Sunday 29th December, 2013 and with all the bragging of me not doing anything the usual suspects (they know themselves o) were able to force me to organize booze and the best caterer in the world, my darling aunt and CEO TYKS caterers sent lunch over. It was fun though and we all watched football and played FIFA 14. I didn’t drink o, just had coke with the best ijebu food ever, ikokore.
Thank you people for your time in 2013, you guys have been wonderful and so supportive. Lest I forget, I didn’t win the Nigerian blog awards, SisiYemmie (I respect her a whole lot) won.

I pray the ALMIGHTY grant you all a prosperous 2014. Happy New Year peeps, much love. May the good LORD forgive me as I post this from church (Amen).
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  1. Lol,I agree with the make she yago lona. She also served to remind u(s) to always do what we won’t be ashamed to be associated with cos we neva know who is watching us. Cheers to the new year.

  2. that alhaja must have been a bad ass chic to av gotten the “fine” girl all worked up. Liked d part of shey mo joh yemi my lover n. Lool ], sure ddnt call anymore


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